Happy Tuesday! 🙂 It’s a gorgeously hot day here. I contemplated laying out since I am off today, but its just TOO hot. I made a trip to Barnes N’ Noble this morning and ended up killing the morning reading and browsing! Ohhh how I love it there! Does anyone else wish that at the coffeeshop they would have stevia packets too? Or even raw sugar!

A little bit of history here. I grew up on a heavy meat diet. Living on a farm and my dad being a big hunter totally added to the carnivore menus. The first couple years I was married my husband, who is a bodybuilder, urged me to compete in fitness.. fun but not the diet. 1) I dont have the body type for it 2) the strict diet and workouts can create not just havoic to the body but mind too. The diet from my “coach” consisted of eating pretty much green vegetables and MEAT 6 times a day. yuck yuck yuck. My digestion was horrible, I developed acne, my hair was brittle and complexion not so glowy. I developed a lot of disordered eating habits and feelings. Last fall I decided it was time to beat it!!! Fast forward to now. After a lot of research and just an intuitive feeling, I have gone vegetarian. I would say vegan but I do love some organic greek yogurt. Whenever I eat meat I feel sooo weighed down, my digestion becomes not so fabulous and I get this sick feeling (in my head… like “what did I just eat!!”.). Embarking and embracing this new veg lifestyle has been relatively easy for me, although my husband still eats a heavy meat diet. There are a few things that I have a hard time with, one being tofu. Someone help me please but I cannot seem to cook it right?! At B & N today I bought 2 awesome cookbooks which I plan to use until the pages start to fall out!

Baby Cakes!! This one I know I am going to love! 

Eat Drink & be Vegan! I was too excited to find this, the last one they had!!!

Onto today’s eats so far I have to share. 


I started my day off with this chocolate Amazing Greens smoothie! I used the chocolate greens powder, chocolate almond milk, more cocoa, stevia, frozen strawberries and ice. PERFECT! Chocolate covered strawberry greens! 🙂


Lunch was a big raw salad with 1/2 mashed avocado/seasalt and…. Annie’s organic Maple BBQ sauce. Y’all this stuff is the best!!!!!!!!!!!


For a mid afternoon snack I wanted something cool… I whipped up a frozen treat of 1 cup frozen strawberries, coconut milk, CHIA gel (2 tbsp soaked)  & stevia. Perfect!

I think for dinner I am going to bake a butternut squash into fries along with a veggie burger on Ezekiel bun with hummus. My go-to dinner!!

Everyone have a GREAT last day of June!