What a week it has been! I had all intentions of posting far before today, but at least I can say Thank Goodness It’s Friday! I’ve been so busy with work and then yesterday afternoon I was off. You’d think I might rest…. no. This girl made a large Whole Foods trip. I love our Whole Foods here in New Orleans! We get such bountiful organic and local produce. I will admit, WF’s is one of my vices. We all have something though, right?! 😉

July is right around the corner and I want to start incoporating more raw, fresh produce in my diet. We have such abundance here, why not!? 🙂

That aside tomorrow I am going shopping! On a mission for a fabulous dress for the 4th to go out to dinner in with my husband. For the record, I love fashion and everything associated with it! I’ve already got my eye on a specific dress and heels I plan to get. Here’s the gorgeous Antonio Melani dress:


and these FABULOUS shoes:

I have so much (too much according to my husband) jewelry now. So I’ll find something within my own collection to add to it.

Question of the Day:  Are you following any specific type of diet or what do your strive for?

xoxo, Lynn